Mode 4 Development Tools
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Franky originally comes with a few loaders to load Sega Master System games in your MSX computer. Also some games are (or will be) adapted to use Franky to use the MSX1 compatibility modes. On this page tools and links are presented that allow development of software using the Sega Master System display mode 4 (this will be called Franky Mode 4 further on the page).

A brief list of the features:

Version History and Downloads

To encourage development for Franky Mode 4 the tools are released in stages. First release are the conversion tools to create Franky Mode 4 tiles and sprites. When a new tool in the line is finished, such as actual tile and sprite pattern editors and name table or sprite attribute table editors that use Franky to display the result on, the release is added here.

Related Tools

This section covers a list of tools that can also be used to create for Franky:


For questions, ideas, bug reports, other related tools, etc.

IRC: #msxdev @ Rizon (Info: MSX Banzai! development page)
The channel link only works with IRC clients capable of handling them, for example mIRC 5.81 and later.

e-mail address

For information on the Franky cartridge itself contact SuperSoniqs.