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Konami Cartridges Combination List

I've searched from the code of all konami games for cartridge combinations. I hope this is the complete list.

To use these combinations, put the game you wish to play in slot A and the other in slot B. If it does not have the effect stated here your ROM file could be damaged, or there may be a mistake in this list. Please mail me any corrections, questions, whatever.

Note that mostly only one combination is possible at a time, e.g.: Usas 'combines' with four different cartridges, but you can't put all of them in a slot expander or something: Usas stops searching after it's found one of the four.

I haven't listed the standard Game Master (2) combinations, only some special Game Master combinations.

RC 737: Yie Ar Kung-fu 2

RC 742: Nemesis

RC 744: Vampire Killer

RC 745: King Kong 2

RC 747: Hinotori

RC 748: Ganbare Goemon

RC 749: The Maze of Galious

RC 751: Nemesis 2

RC 752: F1 Spirit

RC 753: Usas

RC 758: Salamander

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