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Game Description

King's Valley II is a 1 megabit, SCC megaROM cartridge. It is a puzzle game much like eggerland, but a lot better. You can make your own custom stages.

There are two versions of this game; a MSX1 and a MSX2 version. The MSX2 version has better graphics. Also, the screen is slightly bigger, here the MSX2 version displays the information that is only visible with the <F2> key in the MSX1 version.

Dennis Pasveer is doing a remake for Windows. Hopefully there will be a Linux version too!

MSX 1 Screenshot
MSX1 version (RC760)
MSX 2 Screenshot
MSX2 version (RC761)


Far, far into the future, the Vick family are still fascinated by the mysterious powers of the pyramids. The current head of the family, the inter-planetary archaeologist Vick XIII, is now investigating ancient relics found on the planets other than Earth. During his investigations of the pyramids on the planet Remool, Vick discovered an inscription concerning the ancient Egyption royal family. It read:

The Souls will be guided to El Giza, in the land of the Remool.

In fact, the royal family of ancient Egypt came from the Remool, and the pyramids on Earth were a device by which the souls of the dead rulers could be transported back to their homeland. The treasures buried with the body acted as control devices for the transportation operation.

However, thanks to the probings of the pyramids by explorers and scholars, including the ancestors of Vick XIII, the tombs are now out of control and heading towards self-destruction. The accumulated power of the pyramids is more than enough to destroy Earth. Our world is in terrible danger!

There is one way to save Earth, though, and this is by Vick putting an end to the core functions of El Giza, the central pyramid linked to the pyramids of Earth. In order to do this, Vick must find his way into the inner sanctum through the different sealed chambers, making sure he collects and destroys all of the soul stones as progresses. Can Vick XIII really save the world from this threat?

Key Controls

<F1> Pause the game. While the game is paused, you can press <F2> for a map of the stage you're in.
<F2> While paused (<F1>): shows a map of the stage you're in.
Otherwise: Show score, hiscore, stage & lifes. Doesn't work on MSX2 version, as this information is already on the bottom of the screen.
<F4> Toggle music on or off. Also works in demo mode. The game is usually faster without music.
<F5> Restart the stage with the lose of one life. (suicide)

Custom Stages

One of the nicest things about King's Valley 2 is that you can design your own stages. The files of the MSX1 and MSX2 version are interchangable.

These are made by me and my friends:

These were sent to me by Miguel Angel:

Playing Tips

The following passwords have an interesting effect:

You can't be harmed by any enemies. However if you get stuck by making a wrong move (and consequently have to kill yourself <F5>), you won't be immortal anymore. By entering this password you start in stage 1, but you can use the Game Master to change that.
When you're game over, you can continue by pressing <F5>. Use with The Game Master to start in any level.

Here's a JavaScript program for calculating passwords.

You can also calculate the password to a stage with this following MSX BASIC program:

10 DEFINT A-Z:Y=1:X=0
30 INPUT "Lives: ";L
40 IF L<1 OR L>99 THEN 30
50 PRINT "Printer (j/n) ? ":INPUT P$
60 IF P$="J" OR P$="j" THEN P=1
65 IF P$="N" OR P$="n" THEN P=0 ELSE 50
70 IF L<10 THEN 90
80 X=X+1:L=L-10:IF L>10 THEN 80
90 B$=CHR$(X+65):G$=CHR$(L+65)
100 FOR I=1 TO 60
110 G=(I/16+65)
120 A$=G$+CHR$(G)
130 F$=CHR$(Y+65)+B$
140 Y=Y+1
150 IF Y=16 THEN Y=0
160 IF P=1 THEN 190
170 PRINT I;A$+F$+"AMCN"

Extra Stages

There are two types of extra stages in the game: puzzle stages and music stages. They appear at a number of locations in the game. When you fall or jump on these locations, a pyramid appears. Now, jump a few times on it and the pyramid will change into a portal. Press down to enter the stage.

Puzzle Stage


You can enter a puzzle stage from the following stages: 20, 35, 43, 52, 55. The one in stage 52 (password IJKAGFIO), is at this location:


If you complete the puzzle stage, you will receive about 35 lives, depending on how many moves you made.

Music Stage


A music stage is a keyboard, with which you can play some music of the game.
You can enter a music stage from the following stages: 7, 32, 40, 50, 53. The one in stage 50 (password DCAHDAGJ), is at this location:


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