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Game Description

The Maze of Galious (MoG) is 1 megabit, megaROM cartridge. Konami introduced it in 1987. It is the sequel to Knightmare.

The Story

This is taken from the booklet in the European version.

This is a legend that has been told since long, long ago...
In order to save Aphrodite, the princess of Greek who was kidnapped by the dark overlord Hudnos, the good knight Popolon set out for the dark castle located in the depths of Mount Atlas. However, it actually was a trap set by the evil high priest, Galious. He used evil spirits to do his bidding and was well versed in black arts. He sold his own soul to the devil and was the very incarnation of evil. In Popolon's absence, Galious invaded the kingdom of Greek along with his demons and made the kingdom his base for his plans to turn the world into a realm of darkness. The true dark castle was Castle Greek itself! Galious then went to heaven and kidnapped the yet unborn pampas, who was to be born to Popolon and Aphrodite and shut the baby away in the castle.
After rescuing Aphrodite, Popolon returned to Castle Greek. He sensed a strange presence about the castle and soon derived what had happened. In order to take back Castle Greek and rescue their future child from the hands of the dark powers, the two entered the gates of the castle knowing that this could cost them their lives.

The stage is now set for the true climax to "The Demon Legend"...

How to play

Again, this is taken from the booklet in the European version.

The objective of this game is to recapture Castle Greek and the 10 worlds from the evil demons, slay the evil high priest, and rescue our brave couple's future baby Pampas.

Our main characters are Popolon and Aphrodite. They each have their own special talents and you must learn how to use them appropriately according to the situation as you proceed through the game. To have them change places, press the <F1> key to display the option window.

In the castle there are hidden weapons that are effective against certain enemies. Collect these weapons and try to discover which weapons work best against the monsters. They can be selected through the option window.

Our heroes have VIT (vitality) and EXP (experience). If the EXP meter is full, the VIT meter is refilled. The 'Great key' adds 8 levels to your 'Maximum Vitality'.

The Maze

There are 156 screens in the castle, and a total of 174 screens in the 10 worlds. You can also find a total of 20 Shrines (These are places where the gods will advice you or sell items/weapons). On your quest, you'll also find 47 different items. The opposition consists of 59 types of minor/middle demons and 10 great demons.


You play the game with Popolon or Aphrodite. During the game, you can switch between them at any time. They have different capabilities. (these pictures are taken from Konami's Majutsushi)



Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love.

She can swim, while Popolon can't. She can make three shoots at a time while Popolon can only shoot two at a time. The same is true for mines; she can put three down. Also, the jumping height is constant with Aphrodite.



Popolon is a true warrior. He saved Aphrodite in the previous game, Knightmare.

Popolon can destroy rocks a lot faster than Aphrodite can, but he'll rapidly lose power in water. Popolon can pass through revolving doors, while Aphrodite can't. And his jumping height depends on how long <UP> is pressed.

Note that most of these differences are null-ified by items.

Saving the Game

At the shrine in screen F10 in the castle (see below), you can get the password of your current game. If you have the the Halo, you can go directly to this screen by going to the items menu (<F1>), and pressing <ENTER>. When you want to restore your game, press <L> at the start-up screen and enter the password.

You can also use the Game Master 1 or 2 to save your game.

Some Passwords

Santi Ontañón has reverse-engineered the passwords. There is also a complete password generator for Windows on his website. Another password generator can be found here which is also capable of decoding 'weird' password.

Everything you ever wanted:

	OG2A	679A	7G4F	L23P

All worlds:

	4O76	TRJ7	UR4F	123N



And another weird one... (and yes, this is a complete password!) From Trunks.


Weird weird... From Ezequiel C. Pereira:


Which is I love Noriko of course. "I LOVE NOKIRO" or "I LOVE KINORO" will also work, just play a little with the letters to get a different effect.


This password must be typed in screen F13. You'll be able to continue the game after a game over.

Thanks to Ada So I now know what this password is for. If you type this password, all the bats in the screen will disappear. You must have the Dagger for it to work. Don't press <F2> or <F1> or so, just type the password in the screen.


The game is made up of the castle and ten worlds. The castle is the largest, by far. It's so big you'll easily get lost. That's why maps are very useful. Several people have made maps:

I've made maps of all the stages using screen shots. On the maps you can find all the items and the portals to the worlds. The screens aren't numbered though, they are pure. :) The small ones on this page are number though. You need that to find where items are.

The pictures below are PNG images which might not work in your browser (Internet Explorer 5.0 for example). Please try a proper browser.

Chris Cottam has also made maps. They are a lot smaller than mine and there is a lot more information in them.

Some notes about them:

You can also find a map on Marat's page.

Cartridge Combinations

If you have another Konami in other slot, you can get some interesting effects. You can only have one combination at a time. So stuffing Q-Bert and Knightmare in another slot won't work. If you're using the Game Master 1, you can't use either combinations.

You start with full vitality and 100 Arrows, Coins and Keys, also if you start the game with a password. If you start a new game, it is the same as the following password:
        UR3Q    UR5F    UG4F    123N
        UR3F    UR3F    UR3F    UR3F
        UR3F    UR3F    URS4    3
You can revive Popolon or Aphrodite 99 times in death's shrine. Normally this can be done only once, but if you ask the password of the game and re-enter it, you can always do it again. So that's not particularly useful.

The Castle

The Castle

The game starts in the castle, screen F13.

In screen G4 (beneath the entrance to world 7) there is a hole in the wall at the top left. This hole would lead to outside the castle. In the normal game you can't reach the hole, but when using a cheated version of Maze of Galious you can see that you can't go through it. It's probably just a joke from Konami.

There are three fairies in the castle, who will restore your energy. In the screen where they are, there are bubbles. To make the fairy appear, stand at specific location for 5 seconds, and the fairy will appear. The maps above show the location where to stand in each of these screens.

Screen J13
Stand in the centre under the large gap at the top of the screen
Screen H5
Stand between the left-hand hanging banner with the cross and the red thing that looks like a shutter. (Stand slightly closer to the shutter than the banner)
Screen D12
Stand at the bottom of the left-most ladder and drop off the platform to the right.

World 1

World 1 Map

The portal to world 1 is in the castle screen D13. Before going here, you'll need at least 2 keys and of course the great key from G13. It's best to have the Halo too, and some arrows.

To get to the great demon, go to screen C7. Now jump into the gap at the left side of the floor. Mind the spider that will attack you as soon as you hit the floor in C8. Destroy it, along with all the other spiders in the screen. A wall will disappear. Now you can go to the great demon.

The name of the great demon is YOMAR. Just type it in the screen where the great demon hides.

To defeat the great demon, stand in the centre under the neat logo. As soon as it appears, hit that <M> key as fast as you can.

World 2

World 2 Map

You can find the portal to world 2 in screen K12. Before you go to world 2, I advise you to get the crown and quite some arrows.

To cross the water in screen F2 you must get the decorative doll. Hit the wall with Popolon in screen A4 at the top, in the centre. The wall disappear and the item will appear. Now the "bridge of love" covers the water in screen F2.

To get to the great demon, kill the uh in screen H2.

The name of the great demon is ELOHIM. To defeat him, hit the pistil with your arrows.

World 3

World 3 Map

You can find the portal to world 3 in screen K9. Before going to world 3, I advise you to get the fire weapon. It is easier to defeat the great demon with it.

Screen A7 is a weird one. When you enter it, it seems like you cannot exit it. The screen has wrap-around: if you walk out of it at the top using the ladder, you'll get back to the bottom of the same screen. If you do this 5 times, the wall at the upper-left corner will disappear, allowing you to exit.

The name of the great demon is HAHAKLA. To defeat him, wait until he appears and then jump a level above him. Use the fire weapon to hit him in the neck. You can also wait until he has fired and then hit his head with your sword.

World 4

World 4 Map

You can find the portal to world 4 in screen A9. Before you go to world 4, you must have mines to defeat the great demon.

Destroy all the bats in screen C2 to get to the great demon.

To get the holy water, go to the bottom of the right most ladder of screen E4 and hit the wall at the left side.

The name of the great demon is BARECHET. To defeat him, stand on one side and put some mines there. When the blob comes near you, walk to the other side under it when it jumps. Repeat this until...

World 5

World 5 Map

You can find the portal to world 5 in screen I9. Before you go to world 5, you must have the trumpet shell. I advise you to get the candle and ceramic arrows.

To get the map, go to screen C5, the second level from the top. Hit the wall, and it'll disappear. Now you can walk through to the map.

In screen E5 wait for a stone to appear on the water. This may take a while so please be patient! When you jump on the stone, the next will appear, etc.

In screen F2 you can buy the oar. With it, you can walk on the water of screen G5 and F5. Now you can get the holy water without getting stuck in the water.

The name of the great demon is HEOTYMEO. Just stand at the point where you entered the screen and use arrows to hit his head, and jump to avoid is breath. Easy.

World 6

World 6 Map

You can find the portal to world 6 in screen O13. Before you go to world 6, you must have the fire weapon to defeat the great demon.

The spell to awake the great demon is LEPHA. Stand at the top of the screen when you type it. Use the fire weapon to hit him between his eyes.

When you have been in world 6, you can get the Sabre in screen G5 (castle).

World 7

World 7 Map

You can find the portal to world 7 in screen F3. Before you go to world 7, you must have the ceramic arrows and the necklace.

In screen E4, you can fall through the water with Aphrodite (it won't work with Popolon!). This will get you to the gravestone with the spell.

The spell to awake the great demon is NAWABRA. Just hit the tongue with ceramic arrows.

World 8

World 8 Map

The portal to world 8 is in screen E5. You must have the Robe and the Rolling Fire.

In this world you can buy the Carpet. First destroy all the enemies in screen B4, and a ladder will appear in screen B3. Now the lava at the bottom of screen will turn to stone and you can get the Magical Rod.

The spell to awake the great demon is ASCHER. Stand on the platform above him and use the Rolling Fire to hit him.

World 9

World 9 Map

The portal to world 9 in in screen H1, the tip of the castle.

If you destroy all the enemies in screen H2, you'll get a ladder to the screen above it. This can be very handy to get the map.

To get to the great demon, you must first destroy all the enemies in screen B1. A piece of the wall will disappear. Next hit the wall to the left of the part that disappeared (by jumping & hitting). After a while a opening to the great demon appears. It's spell is XYWOLEH. You need quite some luck with the location of the clouds to defeat him, so keep trying. Nice graphics, though!

Khold Flesh says: when fighting the boss of world 9 one can try to get behind the enemy. since he mostly stands in the middle of the screen. It's quite safe there (you don't need to worry about his breath anymore and can attack with ceramic arrows) least that did save me!

World 10

World 10 Map

The portal to world 10 appears at a random location in the castle. Possible locations are: O9, F13, B7, J3 and O5 (thanks to Martijn van Tienen).

The stage itself is short & sweet. It's the only one without a map.

The spell to awake Galious is HAMALECH. You need the cross to defeat him. If you know where the balls that rotate around him appear, you can put mines there. That will virtually destroy them. Next, use the rolling fire to hit him. You'll need quite a few hits!

In the screen you'll have to find pampas, the baby (tough, tough!). Next is the end-demo. Enjoy, enjoy!

Khold Flesh says: Galious can be quickly defeated by standing on a lower platform than he and releasing a rain of arrows to destroy the rotating balls. Then you just need to get on the platform above his torso and use the rolling fire to hit him: he should go down in about two minutes. ^.^


If you press <F1> in the game, you go to the options window. Here you can change weapons, and switch between Popolon and Aphrodite. Also, you can see which items you have. If you are a real MoG maniac, it'll look like this:

Full Option Window


They are shown in the red square, from left to right:

Picture Name Location Purpose
Arrow Arrow Castle, H14 Single shot. Most commonly used weapon
CeramicArrow Ceramic Arrow Castle, E10 Same as Arrow, through it passes through enemies and is slower
RollingFire Rolling Fire Castle, M10 Rotates around the platform the player is on
Fire Fire Castle, O16 Travels on the platform the player is on, an falls onto the next
Mine Mine Castle, A14 Powerful weapon, but the players can also get hurt by it
Glass Magnifying Glass Castle, I16 Used to look on gravestones in the world to discover the name of the great demon of the world


If you can't find the item in the screen, destory all the enemies in it.

Picture Name Location Purpose
HolyWater Holy Water One per World Halves the number of shots needed to defeat the great demon of the world
Cape Cape One per World You only loose half the energy when a great demon hits you.
Rod Rod One per World You have infinite weaponry when fighting a great demon.
Map Map One per World You'll have a map of the world in the options screen.
Cross Cross Castle, I12 You'll need this to defeat Galious in the last world.

To get it, go to J12 and stand on the lower platform. Now, jump to left and try and hit the wall and fall back on the platform. Repeat this a few times. A opening will appear. Jump into it, and at the end of it, jump into the wall. You can walk though the wall. Walk to the left (mind the gap in the floor somewhere!). Now you'll enter a new screen, with the Cross in it. Good luck!

GreatKey Great Key Castle, G13 You'll need this to open each portal to a world. It'll also increase your vitality maximum

You can find the first in the castle, and you'll get the others after defeating the great demon of the world.

Necklace Necklace Castle, C6 Allows Popolon to enter world 7.
Crown Crown Castle, M7 The uhs (the white ladies in World 2) cannot hurt you.
Helmet Helmet Castle, M3 You don't lose vitality as fast.
Oar Oar World 5, F2 Allows you to walk on the water of the last two screens of World 5 (screen G5 and F5)
Shoes Shoes Castle, G16 Popolon and Aphrodite walk faster
Doll Doll World 2, A4 If you have this item a bridge will appear in world 2 which you need to cross.
Robe Robe Castle, K7 You'll go the wrong way in world 8: left becomes right and vice versa

To get it, kill everything in the screen.

Bell Bell Castle, G15 Rings when you come near a world portal in the castle you have a key for
Candle Candle Castle, I10 Without it, in some screens in world 5 the walls aren't visible.

To get it, kill everything in the screen.

Armor Armour Castle, L4 Protects you against Bamboo Shoots (the green cone shaped things that appear around the castle.
Carpet Carpet World 8, B2 If you have this, the lava in world 8 will turn to stone and the things that jump out of the lava in the castle do not exist any more.
Helm Helm Castle, D8 Protects you against the white things that fly around in some the worlds, for example world 1.
Lamp Lamp Castle, J14 Shows the great demon on the map in the worlds.
Vase Vase Castle, C7 Doubles the experience gained.

Thanks to Ada So: You must have defeated the great demon in world 4 to get this item. Go to the bottom row of the screen, where the are four pillars. Stand between the third and fourth (counted from left to right). Now turn to the right, use your sword three times, turn to the left, use your sword again three times and jump three times.

Pendant Pendant Castle, A16 With this Aphrodite can also hit the wall to make, for example the doll appear.
Earrings Earrings Castle, D4 Popolon can also fire three arrows simultaneously.
Bracelet Bracelet Castle, O9 Popolon can also put three mines.
Ring Ring Castle, I6 Aphrodite can destroy rocks in three hits in stead of 15.
Bible Bible Castle, B4 <CTRL> freezes enemies for a few seconds. Also work against the great demons. It can only be used a limit number of times, but if you re-enter the password, it'll work again.
Harp Harp Castle, C3 All rocks in the screen disappear when you press <SPACE>.
Triangle Triangle Castle, D16 Protects you against vapors (the white clouds that appear in the castle. Can't be harmed.)
TrumpetShell Trumpet Shell Castle, J8 Allows Aphrodite to enter world 5.
Pitcher Pitcher Castle, N4 Protects you against a few fireballs.
Sabre Sabre Castle, G5 Enhances the strength of your sword.

To get it, you must have taken world 6 back.

Dagger Dagger Castle, F7 Makes the UMBRELLA password possible.

Thanks to Ada So: Destroy all the bats in the screen. Jump onto the white lift (the one that moves from left to right in this screen) and press the following directions: right, down, left, up. The dagger will appear, but watch yourself.. You might fall out of the screen.

Feather Feather Castle, G2 Allows you to move to a open portal to a world by pressing <F1> (for the option screen) and then number of the world you want to go to.
ShieldBronze Bronze Shield Castle, I16 Stops shots of all minor demons.

Remember that a higher shield replaces a lower, so do not buy this shield if you have a higher one.

ShieldSilver Silver Shield Castle, M9 Stops shots of all minor and middle demons.

You'll need the bronze shield before you can get this.

Remember that a higher shield replaces a lower, so do not buy this shield if you have a higher one.

ShieldGold Gold Shield Castle, I2 Stops shots of all demons.

You'll need the silver shield before you can get this.

Remember that a higher shield replaces a lower, so do not buy a lower shield if you have this one.

Halo Halo Castle, E13 Allows you go back to screen F10 in the castle. Press <F1> for the option screen and then <ENTER>.

This item is essential from the beginning.

BreadAndWater Bread and Water Castle, A13 Allows Aphrodite to go through rotating doors (the ones that do not require a key).
Salt Salt Castle, L16 Needed to enter certain shrines.

The cover of the original package

Courtesy of Marius Hartland


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