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Salamander is Konami megaROM with a SCC. It is a shoot 'em up like Nemesis, though it is very tough. It also has some adventure like features, making it more than just a shoot 'em up. Excellent game, it's one of my favourites.


...and they say Mortal Combat makes you agressive. This game makes you want to throw your computer out of the window. But don't we all like a challenge? Salamander is has the most advanced gameplay of all Nemesis games. It's the only one with a dual play mode, allows 4 options (in one player mode), and has birdsview stages. (that's vertical scrolling.) This is an extremly difficult game. In dual play mode 2 well trained pilots might have a change...


"I am Van landroth Frehley, head of the Imperial Space Archaeology Institute on the planet Nemesis. Our home planet, Latis, is in the grip of a terrible danger.

The planet latis, where life first began 120 million years ago, is located in the middle of the Telsa galaxy. Surrounding Latis are four other planets called Eioneus, Lavina, Kierke and Odysseus. These are called the Latis planets.

These planets are the stars of civilisation, and their history has taken shape together with the prosperity of the second or modern Latis civilisation. The first civilisation was ancient Latis, which flourished around 100 million years ago. The Ancient Latis people who built this civilisation were masters of a form of psycho-power known as the 'crush below power', something which was beyond our imagination.

They used this power to prosphesy the future. It is said that they could see more than 100 million years into the future, and they what they prophesied was the destruction of their descendants. In other words, us.

They inscribed all that they prophesied on metal and stone tablets, which have become known as 'The Prediction'. So far only the preface and the first chapter have been found. My personal theory is that the other are hidden in underground ruins on the other planets.

In the Prediction Preface they wrote:
'Since the time when the red sun sank into oblivion we knew that it was our fate to go into extinction before very long. We make this prophesy of the world to come, as we see it, to save our descendants. We write about the catastrophe to come in these six chapters of the prediction.'

Analysis: The red sun refers to the time the Ancient sun of Latis was extinguished.

Chapter One read:
'When the giant devil who lives in the sea of flames awakens, an insane force will appear and heaven and earth will be swallowed up in darkness. The devil will be reborn with green skin and five eyes and will bring about two catastrophies.'

Analysis: This is considered to be predicting the invasion of Latis by the Salamander forces. At the moment, there is no definitive interpretation for 'the devil with green skin and five eyes'. The time for the prophecy to come true has now come upon us.

This message has reached us on Nemesis:
'The four planets around Latis have been attacked by an unknown fighting group called Salamander. They have installed a fortified base on Odysseus and taken control of Latis. The people of Latis who still remain alive are retreating back to the Zot transport relay station. SOS...SOS...'

At my request, Lars XVIII, Emperor of Nemesis, has immidiately ordered two space fighters to the scene.


Operation 1
Stage 1: The Planet Latis
Operation 2
Stage 2: Asteroid Belt
Operation 3
Stage 3: The Planet Eioneus
Stage 4: The Planet Lavina
Stage 5: The Planet Kierke
Operation 3+
Stage ?
Operation 4:
Stage 6: The Planet Odysseus

After operation 2 (stage 2) you'll have to choose which stage to do next. You are provided with rader information on enemy numbers. If there are few enemies, the stage is relatively easy. But be warned: each time you do not do a stage (when you do another) more enemies will appear in the stage. If you do the easiest first, by the time you get to the tougher ones they are almost impossible. If you do not decide within the timelimit you'll go to the worst option (the least enemies).

There is a prediction chapter in stage 3 through 6 and the crystal breeze is in stage 3, 4 or 5. (If you have Nemesis 2 in another slot.) The predictions will help you with the end-of-stage guardians. They say something about a nucleus with a certain colour. This means you'll have to shoot the nucleus of that colour to destroy the enemy or open a way to its main nucleus. This will make your attacks a lot more efficient!

Operation 3+ (crush vemon) will only appear if you have Nemesis 2 in another slot and you've got the crystal breeze. The stage is much like the last stage of Nemesis 2, though it'll have an extra enemy at the end. If you've completed this stage, you'll get the correct end demo. i.e. If you don't, the end demo will be that the entire operation has failed.


Power Power Capsule
Same as in all nemesis games: changes weapon select indicator.

Energy Energy Capsule
Collect 15 of them and you'll get an extra weapon, see below. They appear after you destroy an enemy pod.

Scroll Stop Scroll Stop
Stops scrolling for a while. It can only be found in stage 1.

Spark Spark
This item only appears on the Lavina planet. When the screen goes dark, you can get this item to put the light on again.

Option Hold Option Hold
Your options are now on a fixed position. Handy item!

Option Chain Option Chain
This item only appears in dual mode. The options of both players are chained together.

Combination Combination Item
This item only appears in dual mode. The two players can merge into one ship. One player controlles its movement, the other firing and weapons.

Extra Weapons

Hawk Wind
This missle can also move up when it is on terrain.

Meteo Laser
Wide Laser. It is the only weapon that can destroy the blue stones on Eioneus.

Screw Laser
Very wide laser.

Homing Missle
This missle 'homes' to enemies. It can be quite useless, as it also homes on enmey remains.




The last three might be something for dual play, in single play they don't seem to appear in the weapons bar. If you have all of these, you start getting extra lives in stead of weapons.

Dual Play

One of the nicest features of Salamander is that you can play with two players similtaneously. The game will be easier, provided that both players are as good as one another.

You can change to dual play from 1 player game or exchange mode by pressing <F1> and then <F5>. This is not possible if you have an item. (option hold or whatever.)

You can also abuse the dual player mode. First of all, if player one has option hold and the other dies, the option hold will last till player one dies. But you can't go to two player mode when you have the item, so just before you grab it, press <F1> - <F5>. Player two will die and you'll have your option hold.

A sucidal friend can also be of great help. When you die, you lose all your energy items, but if your fellow player dies, you keep them. Thus you can collect as many energy items as you want in stage 1, if your friend kills himself after you get your energy items.

Using The Game Masters

If you use the Game Master 1, you won't be able to save the game to disk. You might be able to save it to tape, but this is MSX model dependant. I think it does work on Philips MSX2 computers and not on a Sony HB-F700. If you use the Game Master 2, you can save the game to disk.

If you change the stage, you won't be able to complete the game. If you wish to change the number of lifes of player 2, set the stage to 1 explicitly and set the number of lifes to the desidered amount. Player 1 and 2 will have the same amount of lifes.

See The Game Masters for more information.


Here's an excellent cheat. It's taken from the Dutch MSX Computer Magazine, issue 45 (without the bugs). You can use it on a real MSX if you have the original cartridge or in MESS. It might work in RuMSX but I haven't tested it. The problem is that you need to use the original cartridge or the ROM image on an emulator, and you need to change it after the MSX has booted to BASIC. fMSX can't do this.

10 ' Cheat Salamander
20 ' EHBO MCM 45
30 ' By: Nico Steendam
40 '
50 FOR I=&HC000 TO &HC031
60   READ A$:POKE I,VAL("&H"+A$)
80 DEFUSR=&HC000:X=USR(0)
90 DATA 3E,01,26,40,CD,24,00,3E,C3,21
100 DATA 7F,F8,32,9A,FD,22,9B,FD,21,20
110 DATA C0,11,7F,F8,01,12,00,ED,B0,C3
120 DATA E8,40,3E,03,32,F5,F0,3E,C9,32
130 DATA A7,FF,21,02,E2,CB,B6,C3,69,40

How to use with real MSX

Start your computer without the cartridge in it. When you are in BASIC, insert the cartridge in slot 1. (this isn't without risk, but not my risk. ^^;) Run the program, and enjoy...

How to use with MESS

Start MESS without the cartridge in it. When you are in BASIC, go to the menu: <SCROLL LOCK>, <TAB>, File Manager, Cartridge #1. Now select the Salamander rom image. The cartridge is now in the MSX.

Next, run the program above and enjoy...


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