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Game Description

Usas is a MSX2, 1 megabit, megaROM cartridge. It is a plat former.

In a history of East Asia, the goddess's name is actually pronounced "Ushas." The dot below the S stands for "pronounce this letter as 'sh.'" Also I never knew that people called the Hindu thunder god "Induras!" A book of Eastern Religion wrote his name as Indras. Also what do all of the statues stand for because they seem to resemble the face of either Brahman or Vishnu?


Centuries ago, the War God Induras banished Usas, the supreme Mother God, and threw the four pieces of her jewel in the winds.

Wit and Cles are attempting to find the broken jewel to try and achieve one of the greatest discoveries of the academic world. Their adventures, controlled by you, will lead them to many strange places to fight many unusual enemies.

Playing Tips

There are five stages in the game. You can go directly to every stage by entering a password at the intro screen. Press <CTRL> and then the password, following by a <ENTER>.



Emotion Icons:
Emotion Icon
By touching these icons, your player will change emotion. At the top of the screen you can see which emotion you have. You have to have the same emotion of the demon of the level to fight him. For the first level, you'll need the emotion that's to the left. For the second level, you'll need the second emotion, and so on.

If you have the first emotion and you're in the first level, Cles can walk over gaps and Wit can jump mid air (only once per jump).

If you press <F1> you can buy vitality, speed and jumping power.

If you insert another Konami game cartridge in slot B you can get some interesting effects.

F1 Spirit
You always have special power (Cles can walk over gaps and Wit can jump mid air (only once per jump).
Nemesis 2
<F5> to continue after game over.
Metal Gear
You'll only loose half the energy.
The Maze of Galious
100 Coins at the start.

There is a cheat that simulates all these combinations. Also, you have unlimited money. You'll need the original cartridge, it won't work on fMSX.

The basic file: usas.bas.

10 REM Usas cheat
20 REM
30 REM MSX Computer Magazine
40 REM
50 REM Roland van Straaten and Remco van Essen
60 REM
90 LOCATE 9,9:PRINT "Insert Usas in any slot"
100 LOCATE 9,11:PRINT "and press any key."
110 IF INKEY$="" THEN 110
120 POKE &HFD9A,201:POKE &HFD9F,201
130 FOR X=&HF9B5 TO &HFA0A
140  READ A$:POKE X,VAL("&H"+A$)
150 NEXT X
160 DEFUSR=&HF9C6:A=USR(0)
170 PRINT "No USAS cartridge found!"
180 DATA C3,B7,40,3E,0E,32,05,C2,21
190 DATA 99,99,22,59,C2,C3,1D,40,F3
200 DATA 3E,00,F5,26,40,CB,FF,CD,24
210 DATA 00,CD,E4,F9,F1,3C,FE,10,20
220 DATA EF,26,40,3A,C1,FC,CD,24,00
230 DATA FB,C9,21,10,40,11,07,FA,06
240 DATA 04,1A,BE,C0,23,13,10,F9,21
250 DATA 77,40,11,75,F9,01,40,00,ED
260 DATA B0,21,B8,F9,22,B0,F9,C3,75
270 DATA F9,43,44,07,53

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