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I've written some utilities. They may be of some use to someone someday.

GetROM and SaveROM

Using these utilities you can save a ROM cartridge, BIOS or other ROM areas on your MSX. GetROM autodetects the available ROM areas; SaveROM requires you to give all the parameters such as addresses and slot numbers. More information about the usage is here.

LoadSRAM and SaveSRAM

Using these to utilities you can save the SRAM in the original Konami Game Master 2 to disk and load SRAM on disk into the cartridge. Very useful, since the SRAM is only 8 kB; it gets filled up very quickly. You can also use these utilities to exchange SRAM between the original cartridge and the emulators (provided the emulator supports it, like MESS). More information is here.

Sound Cartridge ROM

Using this utility you can load ROM files into your Sound Cartridge (SCC+). If you have extended the memory to 128kB RAM you can also load 1 megabit ROM files of type Ascii, konami4 and konami5. More information is here. An improved version is available here.

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