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Program information

Palette Editor allows you to play MSX1 games with a different look. It comes with 15 pre-defined palettes including several close approximates for VDP chips used in a variety of MSX1 machines. Also the recently released Franky VDP palette is added to that list. The 3 last pre-defined palettes are somewhat monochrome emulations: Amber, Green and Gray scales.

Palette Editor can be fully controlled with a joypad or joystick equipped with 2 fire buttons. Palettes can also be editted using keyboard quick inputs and exchanging of 2 colors. They can be saved using a password, cassette and on MSXturboR also SRAM. With this release the resident part of Palette Editor has improved greatly which makes Palette Editor more stable than ever in combination with many titles.

For more information, please read the manual. Finally I would like to thank some people for their reactions and valuable input during the development:

Presets screenshots

To get an idea how some titles will look with different palettes there are some screen shot pages available:

Key Code screenshots

On this page it's also possible to find Key Codes of non predefined palettes. You can also have your palette published on the Key Code screenshot page. It may be possible for Key Code screenshots to have more info which will be displayed below the Key Code screenshot. Submission is possible using the e-mail address in the manual or IRC ( #msxdev @ Rizon or #openmsx @ Freenode). The channel links only work with IRC clients capable of handling them, for example mIRC 5.81 and later.

Version history

Right here the version history of Palette Editor is listed Site updates (Last modified: 19 March 2010):

Program download

If you want to try it yourself, you can download the file right here. It can be loaded into any FlashROM cartridge or used in your favorite MSX emulator.

Previous versions: