ROMLOAD v1.21 
Thursday, March 8, 2001, 11:23
ROMLOAD is inspired on SCROM by Sean Young. It can load and execute a ROM in a Konami Sound Cartridge like Snatcher or SD-Snatcher. When a Sound Cartridge is expanded to 128 kB RAM a 1MegaROM can be loaded.

Unlike SCROM ROMLOAD will print the type and size of the Sound Cartridge it detected before it does anything else. It was added by me to SCROM but that version was never released.

This first release of ROMLOAD can start the just loaded game either immediately or after a reset. For titles with disk support the reset is required to start the game. It converts ROM images while loading according to the options given. Support for the following ROM conversions are available:
  • Konami4
  • ASCII8
  • ASCII16
  • HAL (ASCII16 special)
  • Super Lode Runner
At the moment sub-directories aren't support yet.


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