In Memorandum - Remy van den Bor 
Sunday, February 13, 2022, 11:20
On 8 February 2022 my dear friend Remy van den Bor, better known in the community as The Kid from Delta Soft, passed away after 2 years of fighting stage 4 cancer. I met him on one of the MSX-Club West-Friesland meetings in 1997 where we started talking about programming and the issues they encountered with some of their products. As I was more experinced in assembly than he was (he did everything in BASIC) they asked me if I could take a look at these to see if they could be resolved, and after I provided them with versions that did work as intended, we started to work together on other projects, starting with Thunderbirds Are Go.

For me the most memorable production must have been Konami Quiz 2, where we had SCC music, and all the questions had to be hidden outside of the BASIC program to make it more challenging for people, and allowing for more features in the game. I also made the Game Master 2 stage. My initial idea was it to make it the final stage, but in the end it was better to have it in random rotation as well. Having to come up with 75 questions for 21 levels was challenging on itself. We ended up with numerous quite unconventional questions for each of the games. Also it was the first game to release on CompactFlash as alternative to the diskette release.

There were so many things I wanted to finish before Remy passed away, ever since I've heard about the situation 2 years ago, so he could still witness those, and I'm sure he would've enjoyed each and every one of them, as we're both huge Konami fans.

He still had so many years. It saddens me that he was taken away from his family, his friends and his beloved MSX hobby way too soon. We have lost a very talented MSX-BASIC programmer and I have lost a dear friend.

Rest In Peace my friend. You will be missed by us all.
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