GBASIC version 1.0 released 
Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 18:05
After many years of inactivity (or silent development) of G-Basic I've decided to contact its developer Koen van Hartingsveldt to restart active development. Today I released GBASIC version 1.0 as a TNI product. This is mainly a synchronization release to synchronize the manual to the binary.

Other changes are:
  • Added interlace reset to hot-key.
  • Fixed colour defaults between GPSET (foreground) and GPRESET (back-drop).
  • Fixed GSPRITE$(). A full 128-byte string for pattern 0 cleared pattern 1.
  • Added interlace support to GCOPY SCREEN.

(10 February 2012: This version is also available at the Sunrise website.)


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