ROMLOAD v1.99w 
Saturday, November 2, 2013, 13:15
Today I released a new version of ROMLOAD. New in this version are:
  • Fixed bug causing a file not found to be (unintended) generation of ROM image too large error
  • Start ROM in SCREEN1 for compatibility
  • Added support for DAC for 2 Konami titles. This is a requirement for Hai No Majutsushi
  • Made the hotkey configurable

The DAC support includes playing the sample data through the PlaySoniq DAC. This is as an addition to the PSQTOOLS toolset for the PlaySoniq module I released last weekend. It currently contains PSQSET - a tool to configure the PlaySoniq module and DUALVDP - a tool to display the MSX1 screen on both the MSX VDP and Sega VDP. This tool is available here as a TNI product.


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