WinIPS version 1.0 
Saturday, February 8, 2014, 15:15
I've released an IPS patch GUI for 32bit Windows platforms. It uses an (embedded) temporary executable UIPS, which is also used by the ipsXP user interface, and extended to return error codes in addition to messages.

Compared to ipsXP some things have changed:
  • The interface look is restored to neutral. It's fully controlled by the theme system.
  • Filters for MSX filetypes are added. IPS patches weren't that common yet on MSX.
  • Applying a list of IPS patches onto a target file in any given order is added.
  • The target file can now be saved in a different location.

Filetypes can be added, modified and removed with the built in editor. There is a history for several inputs.

WinIPS is available in the tools directory in the archive of BiFi's Home Page.


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