Multi IPS Archive tools version 1.1 released 
Friday, July 21, 2017, 11:09
A new version of the Multi IPS Archive tools have been released. Version 1.1 comes with an addition to the MIA format as well:
  • added a disk switch feature
  • added a rename feature

The disk switch feature will allow applying patches on multi-disk file based software. MIAPPLY will display which disk to insert and wait for a key press. The rename feature should preferably only be used to change filenames that are part of a translation and which are not hardcoded in the software.

Also the MIA format specification has been given an update in the existing part. More information regarding this is available in the package to create MIA files.

The tools are available on MSX Banzai!, BiFi's Home Page and MSX IPS Patch Archive.


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