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  • 2022
    • February
      • In Memorandum - Remy van den Bor
        On 8 February 2022 my dear friend Remy van den Bor, better known in the community as The Kid from Delta Soft, passed away after 2 years of fighting stage 4 cancer. I met him on one of the MSX-Club West-Friesland meetings in 1997 where we started talking about programming and the issues they encounte...

  • 2020
    • December
      • MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver
        Today I've released an update of the MoonBlaster v1.4 driver:

        Changes in this version:
        The driver (and a demonstration) can be downloaded from my Home Page or MSX Banzai!.

    • February
      • Multi IPS Archive tools version 1.11 released
        A new version of the Multi IPS Archive tools have been released. Version 1.11 comes with an addition to the MIA format as well:
        The MIA format specification has been given a minor update in the existing part. More information regarding this is available in the package to create MIA files.

  • 2019
    • November
    • October
      • PSQTOOLS updated
        Today I released an update for PSQTOOLS, the toolset for the PlaySoniq module.


    • August
      • MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver
        Today I've released an update of the MoonBlaster v1.4 driver:

        Changes in this version:
        Also the official assembly sources updates are available. The changes are:
        The driver can be downloaded from my Home Page or MSX Banzai!.

  • 2018
    • August
      • Cheats for Konami Antiques MSX Collections for PlayStation
        In 1997 and 1998 Konami released a collection of MSX games for the PlayStation spread of 3 volumes which are sold separately. In 1998 a version for Sega Saturn was released containing the same titles combined on 1 disc. The disc contains the ROM images of the MSX games replacing BI...

  • 2017
    • December
      • DalSoRi R2.0 toolset released
        Today I released the start of a toolset for the DalSoRi R2.0 OPL4 extension.

        The toolset is released as TNI product.

    • July
      • Multi IPS Archive tools version 1.1 released
        A new version of the Multi IPS Archive tools have been released. Version 1.1 comes with an addition to the MIA format as well:
        The disk switch feature will allow applying patches on multi-disk file based software. MIAPPLY will display which disk to insert and wait for a key press. The rename fe...

  • 2016
    • October
      • Konami RC-code Locations
        A long time ago someone asked me if I knew how Konami embedded the RC-codes their games. At the time I noticed 2 methods which are also used by many of the combination detection code. The Konami Game Master also uses one of these methods to detect cartridges that were released afte...

    • February
      • MIA: Multi IPS Archive
        Introducing a new file format
        Software and games often come in multiple files. With current file copying methods the order may differ from the original. Creating for example a translation on file based games doesn't really allow a way for one simple patch when file copies are done. Of cour...

  • 2015
    • April
      • PSQTOOLS updated
        Today I released an update for PSQTOOLS, the toolset for the PlaySoniq module.


    • March
      • PSQTOOLS updated
        Today I released an update for PSQTOOLS, the toolset for the PlaySoniq module.


    • February
    • January
      • MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver
        Today I've released an update of the MoonBlaster v1.4 driver.

        Changes in this version:
        The first fix caused the driver not to complete loading at all, which makes this a pretty important bugfix.

        The driver can be downloaded from my Home Page or MSX Banzai!.

  • 2014
    • December
    • October
      • MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver
        Today I've released an update of the MoonBlaster v1.4 driver.

        Changes in this version:
        Also the official assembly sources updates are available. The changes are:
        The driver can be downloaded from my Home Page or MSX Banzai!.

    • June
      • Firebird - The Phoenix Saga - English translation released
        Today we've released the English translation of Hinotori - Hououhen, now Firebird - The Phoenix Saga. Added to it some optional patches are released which can be applied to the original Japanese version as well.

        Optional patches:
        The translation patch comes with a ...

    • February
      • Comment spammers
        It seems some people still love to flood blogs with spam comments. To reduce that, some measures were taken already. However, it seems that doesn't stop it completely. So thanks to them, open commenting has ceased as of this moment. Adding comments is still possible, they just won't be dis...

      • WinIPS version 1.0
        I've released an IPS patch GUI for 32bit Windows platforms. It uses an (embedded) temporary executable UIPS, which is also used by the ipsXP user interface, and extended to return error codes in addition to messages.

        Compared to ipsXP some things have changed:

        Filetypes ca...

  • 2013
    • December
      • Psycho World playthroughs
        Psycho World has 4 play modes you can cycle through when you press F4. It's undocumented but can give extra enjoyment. They are:
        The game starts in Normal Mode.

        Extra Mode is identical to Normal Mode, with the difference that it allows access to Talk Mode by pressing F5.

    • November
      • ROMLOAD v1.99w
        Today I released a new version of ROMLOAD. New in this version are:

        The DAC support includes playing the sample data through the PlaySoniq DAC. This is as an addition to the PSQTOOLS toolset for the PlaySoniq module I released last weekend. It currently contains PSQSET - a tool to configu...

    • October
      • Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, English v1.4
        The English translation of Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake is updated. Changes:
        Of course the demo version is also updated with the new story demo. Both translations are released as IPS patches.

        (Fixed an unexpected bug. If you already have downloaded the IPS patches, please redownload.)
    • May
  • 2012
    • November
    • August
      • The making of: Unknown Reality Video
        13 months ago I uploaded a video of N.O.P.'s Unknown Reality megademo. There was one major problem during the recording session. The demo switches between 50 Hz and 60 Hz interrupt which causes the video to fail to synchronize audio and video all of a sudden. To prevent this I...

    • July
    • March
      • Special Interest pages update - GETROM v1.1
        Recently more and more people reported problems with saving system ROMS using GETROM to cassette. One person who reported found the problem and reported the fix back to me. After reviewing and testing the fix I've put this new version online for download.

        Thanks go to Jemo1982 for lo...

  • 2011
    • December
      • GBASIC version 1.0 released
        After many years of inactivity (or silent development) of G-Basic I've decided to contact its developer Koen van Hartingsveldt to restart active development. Today I released GBASIC version 1.0 as a TNI product. This is mainly a synchronization release to synchronize the manual to the binary.
    • November
      • MSX2 with 64 kB VRAM
        The MSX standard provides minimal requirements for a machine to be MSX compatible and therefore bare the MSX logo. For the MSX2 the amount of Video memory (VRAM) is 128 kB in most cases. The standard requires a minimum of 64 kB VRAM. A few MSX2 computers do have this amount of VRAM...

    • August
      • Detection of FM sound chips
        MSX has some sound chips based on FM synthesis. In this article only the detection of MSX-AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC and MoonSound will be described. These are most used and are based on the same type of FM synthesis, which means they all can be used to produce the same sound with the same d...

    • April
      • MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver
        Today I've released an update of the MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver. It contains fixes and a few requests. There is no need to use MAP.COM or MAP.BIN anymore.

        Changes in this version:
        Recently Paragon released an updated BASIC driver to fix incorrect writes to PSG R#7. Investigat...

    • February
      • YouTubed
        Yesterday I decided to create a YouTube account. I'm not 100% certain with what kind of videos I will populate it, but I'm sure there will be very interesting ones among them.

        Video's uploaded right now (first of all more or less to test, but still interesting nevertheless)...

  • 2010
    • December
      • ROMLOAD v1.99v
        Today I released a new version of ROMLOAD. New in this version are:

    • November
      • COMMAND2.COM v2.44
        Today I released version 2.44 of COMMAND2.COM as a patch for version 2.20 or 2.31 as a TNI product.

        Changes in version 2.44 are:

        (November 18, 2010: it turns out the help files packaged weren't that up to date. The current archive contains the correct help files)

    • September
      • COMMAND2.COM developments (improving v2.41)
        A few days ago I read about a bug in the tab completion of COMMAND2.COM version 2.41 causing it to loop infinitely when tabbing in an empty subdirectory and about a version 2.42 fixing this. After getting my hands on this version I started some comparisons:

        The tab completion is fixed in ...

    • June
      • Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake, English v1.3
        After more than 13 years since the last update of the Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake English translation, initially done by Maarten ter Huurne and Takamichi Suzukawa, I decided to continue doing updates. This update is done to fix some long standing issues. It contains many improvements. The two most visi...

    • March
      • Palette Editor v1.3
        Celebrating its 5th anniversary I've released a new version of Palette Editor today. Here's what's new:
        Website updates:

    • February
      • R-Type Improvement Addition v1.1
        I've just released a new version. Additions in this one are two feature requests:
        It can be downloaded from my Home Page.

      • ELGSYNC v1.1
        Today I've released a small update of ELGSYNC. It now shows when the name couldn't be changed during a rename because it already exists.

        It can be downloaded from my Home Page.

    • January
      • Franky Mode 4 Development Tools
        I've started a Franky Mode 4 Development page. Its main goal is to encourage new developments for Franky Mode 4 rather than just conversions of existing Sega Master System titles. It contains tools to convert SC5 pictures to Mode 4 tiles. Future releases will most likely include tools like tile...

      • R-Type Improvement Addition
        Some time ago a patch for an improved version of R-Type was released. However, that version did some changes to the game that may have given it a lighter interrupt handler, but it also tended to regularly crash during the game with MSX-MUSIC detected.

        This version comes in an additional R...

      • Activating Micro Cabin games Debug Menus
        Xak - The Art of Visual Stage
        The Super Latok and Level options can only be modified when the Debug Menu was loaded from Game Disk 2. Be sure to re-insert the correct disk before leaving the Debug Menu.
        Xak II - Rising of The Redmoon
        The End Demo option is only accessible when the Deb...

      • FIXBOOT v1.1
        I've released an updated version of FIXBOOT. It fixes a small bug that caused disks/paritions with the dirty disk flag set not to be corrected and adds the option to force the Volume ID to be according the MSX-DOS2 specifications. This only works on FAT12 paritions.

  • 2009
    • October
      • Franky
        Today I received a Franky cartridge from Sander van Nunen after I offered to look into how things work with it. But first a few specifics...

        Franky is a cartridge extension containing a 315-5124 chip, which is available in the Sega Master System consoles. This chip contains both a VDP and...

    • September
      • ARC emulated
        Yesterday I got an original ARC: 2 diskettes and a cartridge in the box. After a short while I decided to dive into the internals of the protection the cartridge contains. With some preparation work I did a bit over 2 years ago, I found out how the protection works and I've already implemented ...

    • July
      • SCREEN 5 Graphic Coder
        Patrick van Arkel (Vampier) released a SCREEN 5 Graphic Editor, which allows to create 16x16 tiles. Vampier used to use a similar program in the past, but after it was lost somewhere in his disk archive, he decided to redo the whole thing. I've been helping him out with a bit of assembly to spe...

    • February
  • 2008
    • December
      • Using 48 kB ROM unmapped with the LPE-FlashG
        Usually flash cartridges allow reading data only from Z80 pages 1 and 2 (address range $4000-$BFFF). With the LPE-FlashG it's also possible to run software that was written to run from Z80 page 0 (address range $0000-$3FFF). Because of this feature it's also possible to r...

    • August
      • MJTT v1.1 Password Addition IPS patch released
        I've just updated the Montana John and the Templar's Treasure Password Addition patch to the just released v1.1 of the game. An additional feature to the patch is that the position of the pointer doesn't change anymore.

        Again, the IPS patch is available in the MSX IPS Patch...

    • June
      • ROMLOAD v1.99u
        After almost a year of delay due to MRC, ROMLOAD v1.99u was released. Among the changes are of course the bugfixes I've released a cumulative IPS patch for v1.99t for. Here's the list:

      • ROMLOAD and IPS4MSX finally removed from MRC
        At my request (almost a year ago) and some persuation MRC has finally removed ROMLOAD and IPS4MSX from their download database. The reason I wanted them offline were the following:
        There was a referer block on the download files for a while, and MRC thought that was the actual reason and they i...

    • May
      • F-1 Spirit / A1 Spirit Password Generator
        The last week I've been working on a new version of the F-1 Spirit and A1 Spirit password generator. It was completely rewritten and the following things are changed:
        In the rare occasion the entered password could match for more versions, a message is generated. If this occurs I'd li...

    • April
      • MSX IPS Patch Archive updates
        Yesterday I've added Novalia Spirit's Golvellius English patch to the archive. It would've been added a month after the release anyway, but due to recent developments it was added much sooner. I've helped him out moving the end demo text to a different location in the ROM image s...

      • Montana John and the Templar's Treasure Password Entry Addition IPS patch released
        Two weeks ago Infinite's game Montana John and the Templar's Treasure was released. Today a patch was released which allows you to enter the password by simply typing in with the keyboard. All of the selectable characters and commands are now mapped to keys on the keyboard and should be se...

  • 2007
    • December
    • November
      • Fighting Rider IPS patch
        I just released an IPS patch for Fighting Rider, which enables the game to run on MSX2 and later. It seems the game was released on tape, but this IPS patch is for the cracked ROM image.

      • MSX Vriendenclub MariŽnberg - Meeting countdown
        Today the new website of MSX Vriendenclub MariŽnberg was launched. It was designed by The New Image's GuyveR800 and I wrote a countdown to the next meeting for it. The website is in Dutch and meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each Month.

    • October
      • Pointless Platform falling bugfix patch
        It was really ugly, the falling behaviour in Pointless Platform. Since I'm preparing an updated version of the game with a few new things... and the falling bugfix, I decided to include the fix in the already released version as well.

      • ROMLOAD v1.99t IPS patch update
        Because there was another bug found in ROMLOAD v1.99t and there already was an IPS patch released, I've decided to turn the IPS patch into a cumulative one containing all fixes for the program. To prevent the description to get too long a text file is added to list the fixes.


    • September
      • Vista experiences
        Today I had my first experience with Windows Vista to set up and protect wireless networking. In less than 30 minutes of use the mouse locked up completely and I had to reboot. The only useful thing I've seen is the services are moved to the task manager. For the rest it's mainly bloat whi...

    • August
      • ROMLOAD v1.99t IPS patch
        I've found out one of the new features in ROMLOAD was disabled by accident. I've released an IPS patch to re-enable the feature.

    • February
      • ELGSYNC - KV2 Stage filename Synchronization Tool
        King's Valley 2 stage filenames can be versatile. They can have spaces in the filename without being long filenames recent operating systems use. In Windows such filenames are turned into long filenames and the short variant will contain ~ followed by a value, depending on the number of equal l...

  • 2006
    • December
      • Submitted Pointless Platform to MSXdev'06
        Pointless Platform is a TNI entry for MSXdev'06. Inspired by bobamu's Pointless Drive, which was an entry for the 1st MSX-BASIC Game Contest organized by Karoshi Corp. and judged by me.

      • ROMLOAD v1.99t
        ROMLOAD v1.99t was released. The first real release under the TNI flag. The list of changes isn't that short either. Here's the list:

    • November
      • ROMLOAD goes TNI
        As of today, ROMLOAD has become a product of The New Image. The original link on my home page redirects to the ROMLOAD product page.

    • August
      • IPS4MSX v1.3
        IPS4MSX v1.3 was released. Most fixes in this release are related to big chunk patching, as this was never really tested. Changes are:

    • March
      • FIXBOOT v1.0
        FDISK 3.10 has a small bug causing useful MSX-DOS2 commands like UNDEL not to work. The problem is the Volume ID isn't set according to MSX-DOS2 specifications. I've made a little tool called FIXBOOT that will fix this problem and allow. The patch is performed in such a way that it will re...

    • February
  • 2005
    • December
      • Palette Editor v1.2
        I've released a new version of Palette Editor today. Here's what's new:
        The site also has some new features:

    • July
      • Special Interest pages moved
        In the end of 2004, Sean Young decided to move the MSX technical pages to Wikipedia as he didn't have time to maintain the pages anymore. This way they could still be maintained and they would still be available to the public. However, Wikipedia got requests to either move or even delete articl...

    • April
      • Palette Editor v1.1
        Today I released Palette Editor v1.1. Changes:
        Also the site has had an update. Among other things it contains screenshots of several games now and a section with key codes.

    • March
      • Palette Editor
        Today I released Palette Editor. It's a program that allows you to play MSX1 game with different colors. This can be done by using one of the built-in preset palettes. To save and load your own palettes key codes are added to speed up setting up the palette again. It also works with ROM games.

    • February
      • ROMLOAD v1.99s
        ROMLOAD v1.99s was released. I've added the /B text in the usage, it was accidentally still commented out in the previous version. Also an option is added to enable SCC-I mode for those Konami Game Collection titles which are converted from disk.

  • 2004
    • September
      • ROMLOAD v1.99r
        ROMLOAD v1.99r was released. Changes in this version are:

    • August
      • IPS4MSX v1.2
        IPS4MSX v1.2 was released. IPSv2 truncation support was added.

      • ROMLOAD v1.99q
        ROMLOAD v1.99q was released. To encourage people to find more patches, the all-combination patches for Konami games were added to the manual. Other changes are:

    • June
      • IPS4MSX v1.1
        IPS4MSX v1.1 was released. First of all, it has the previously announced sub-dir support. Other changes are:

      • IPS4MSX v1.0
        Recently I discovered the IPS patchfile format. It's kinda standard on several emulators. I like the format so much I decided to make a patchtool for MSX. This version has no sub-dir support yet, but the plan is to add that support soon.

  • 2003
    • December
      • ROMLOAD v1.99p
        ROMLOAD v1.99p was released. This time the 'p' has a meaning again. It's for the added on-the-fly patching of ROM images, additional to the patching that is done to convert the mappers. Now you can patch the game to cheat around a bit. The number of patches is limited to the length of...

    • November
    • June
      • ROMLOAD v1.99l
        ROMLOAD v1.99l was released. Apart from the code improvements it also is a total release for versions 1.99f, 1.99h and 1.99i.

    • February
      • ROMLOAD v1.99i
        ROMLOAD v1.99i was released. This version can load a ROM image even when it's too big for the cartridge. It just loads the first blocks, which is enough to get any combinations running.

    • January
      • ROMLOAD v1.99h
        ROMLOAD v1.99h was released. This time the letter 'h' does have a meaning... kinda... It's because the HAL init is removed. The corrected init of the ASCII16 mapper takes care of that. Also there was a bug which couldn't run 16 kB and 32 kB ROM images in the SD-Snatcher Sound Car...

      • ROMLOAD v1.99f
        ROMLOAD v1.99f was released. You might ask why there's a letter after it all of a sudden? Well, I don't want to move to 2.0 that soon. Face it, there's not that much to go on at the moment and I want it to have more things for a real 2.0 release. This release can start a game with dis...

  • 2002
  • 2001
    • May
      • ROMLOAD v1.8
        ROMLOAD v1.8 was released. It fixes a bug that unexpectedly converted data as mapper switching code.

      • ROMLOAD v1.7
        ROMLOAD v1.7 was released. It supports sub-directories now!

    • March
      • ROMLOAD v1.21
        ROMLOAD is inspired on SCROM by Sean Young. It can load and execute a ROM in a Konami Sound Cartridge like Snatcher or SD-Snatcher. When a Sound Cartridge is expanded to 128 kB RAM a 1MegaROM can be loaded.

        Unlike SCROM ROMLOAD will print the type and size of the Sound Cartridge it detect...