Vista experiences 
Saturday, September 8, 2007, 15:10
Today I had my first experience with Windows Vista to set up and protect wireless networking. In less than 30 minutes of use the mouse locked up completely and I had to reboot. The only useful thing I've seen is the services are moved to the task manager. For the rest it's mainly bloat which requires too much computer power just to run. Because of this I'd like to add a new meaning to the word Vista. I think it actually stands for:


Also the 'WOW' in the slogan Microsoft used to launch Vista to the world "The 'WOW' starts now." has a whole different meaning... It stands for:


because of the bloat it requires and the buggy rewrites to cloak the actual base of the Vista kernel. It was told the kernel was rewritten from scratch, but in fact it's based on the Windows 2003 Server kernel.
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