F-1 Spirit / A1 Spirit Password Generator 
Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 11:41
The last week I've been working on a new version of the F-1 Spirit and A1 Spirit password generator. It was completely rewritten and the following things are changed:
  • Displays the passwords for all versions simultaneously.
    In the previous version the user could select which version is to be displayed.
  • Displays all F1 races in a list, showing all scores simulateneously. It's possible to select multiple F1 races to change the score.
    The previous version could select only one F1 race to change the score for. It looked similar to the original game that way, but editing scores is a pain.
  • Added a password input feature. This allows to quickly convert a password between versions. The password generator detects which version of the game generated the password, and reflects that in the generated password list by regenerating it. Typing the 24 letters of the password will automatically decode the password. If it gets recognized the scores are displayed for all the races and the passwords are regenerated. It'll ignore the entered password if it doesn't get recognized.
In the rare occasion the entered password could match for more versions, a message is generated. If this occurs I'd like to know the password so I can implement the additional required checks to find the correct version.

The password generator works in the Win32 environment.
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