COMMAND2.COM developments (improving v2.41) 
Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 21:27
A few days ago I read about a bug in the tab completion of COMMAND2.COM version 2.41 causing it to loop infinitely when tabbing in an empty subdirectory and about a version 2.42 fixing this. After getting my hands on this version I started some comparisons:
  1. the first downloadable version was infected by the ZAPP virus, both the unpatched and the patched version
  2. it's not based on version 2.41, but more likely on 2.40 (although I did notice an unchanged 2.41 version string which is quite strange)
    (October 13, 2010: it's confirmed COMMAND2.COM version 2.42 is based on version 2.40)
    (October 31, 2010: a version 2.43 was released, fixing some simple textual bugs, no new features are added)
  3. by examining the code at first I thought the tab completion bug was fixed by simply removing the feature, but it turned out it wasn't removed. This first assumption was because of the ZAPP virus.

The tab completion is fixed in a very strange way. It made me decide to look into things in the actual version 2.41 release and write a proper fix.

Right now I have a COMMAND2.COM with the bugfix and some new stuff. We're planning a release in the very near future with some very interesting features.
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