Firebird - The Phoenix Saga - English translation released 
Sunday, June 1, 2014, 22:49
Today we've released the English translation of Hinotori - Hououhen, now Firebird - The Phoenix Saga. Added to it some optional patches are released which can be applied to the original Japanese version as well.

  • Full translation of all texts in the game.
  • Bigger text window to accomodate the larger English texts.
  • Translation of title screen and end demo screens.
  • Translation of special passwords.
  • Tweaked built-in Game Master menu.
  • Kanji icons are updated to more explanatory icons.
  • Minor improvements in existing English texts such as the demonstration run texts.
  • Increased the system requirement for MSX2 to 128 KB VRAM.

Optional patches:
  • Turbo patch. The game will switch between screens faster and no slowdowns in crowded areas when running on MSXturboR machines.
  • Force 60 Hz interrupt frequency as the game is supposed to run at that speed.
  • Boss 4 tablet fix patch. The tablet you'll get when defeating Insane Demon will be correct instead of mainly white.
  • The title screen will be restored when starting the game from the built-in Game Master menu.
  • King Kong 2 SRAMdisk save patch. Will use the Game Master 2 SRAMdisk feature to save the game situation. Up to 8 saves are possible.

The translation patch comes with a manual which explains the newly designed icons.

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