MIA: Multi IPS Archive 
Sunday, February 28, 2016, 22:21

Introducing a new file format

Software and games often come in multiple files. With current file copying methods the order may differ from the original. Creating for example a translation on file based games doesn't really allow a way for one simple patch when file copies are done. Of course it's possible to separately patch each file that needs to be patched for the translation.

There must be a way to do this in a cleaner way. With the Multi IPS Archive (MIA for short) it's possible to patch a set of files belonging to the same software or game from one single file. The filename of the target file is stored in the archive so the application tool knows on which file to apply the patch data following it. The tool to apply a MIA file onto a set of patches on MSX is MIAPPLY.

To create a Multi IPS Archive, for now, tniASM 1.0 is required. The other files and examples are included for creation of MIA files. A command line tool for modern platforms will be released later.

With the introduction of the Multi IPS Archive and its application tool MIAPPLY for MSX, some MIA files are available:
  • Psycho World English translation
  • Psycho World status area tweaks
  • Parallel Dream crash fix
  • Knightmare Gold R3 fixes
  • Starship Rendezvous uncensored
  • Starship Rendezvous trainer
  • Starship Rendezvous title fix

The tools are available on MSX Banzai! and BiFi's Home Page. The tools and MIA files are available on MSX IPS Patch Archive.
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